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Education Services

Accelerated High School Diploma Program

This is a self-pay, accelerated, rapid credit recovery program for ages 17 and older. It’s designed like a home study course, where all coursework is conveniently done online. Weekly academic support is provided by at our sites, by a PA certified teacher or trained associate & bachelor degree level professionals.

Here’s a quick look at our five step process:
Step 1: Registration & Transcript Review
Step 2: Orientation & Initial Testing (in-person)
Step 3: Completion of Accelerated Online Coursework over several weeks. (online with live weekly academic support)
Step 4: Take and Pass the Final Exam (in-person)

Most of our graduates go on to pursue career education at technical schools, two year & four year colleges and universities, enlist in the military, maintain their current jobs and/or apply for higher levels of employment.

Our program fee is: $575.00*

*Additional fees apply for an extended payment plan option.


As result of our collaborations, innovative approach to adult education, and convenient online coursework, adults can earn recover all necessary credits to earn an accredited high school diploma in as little as 8-10 weeks!

Fully Accredited

The online curriculum studied, coursework completed, and diplomas earned by students are all regionally and nationally accredited. Upon completion of the program, graduates can apply to trade schools, certificate programs, as well as two/ four year colleges and universities.

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Why Is Education Important?

Better Employment – Graduates experience a much higher likelihood of gaining employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated a 2012 unemployment rate of 12.4 percent among people without a diploma, compared to 8.3 percent with a diploma. Additionally, opportunities to continue with education beyond high school and to gain quality work experiences as young adults contribute to access to higher quality and better paying jobs down the road.

Higher Income – The income differential between graduates and non-graduates is staggering. According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau data, a dropout could expect annual income of $20,241, compared to $30,627 for diploma earners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found similar results in its 2012 pay assessments. It showed that weekly median income without a diploma was $471, compared to wages of $652 per work for people who graduated. This is a $181 per week difference, or $9,412 per year.

Relationships – The Northeastern University Center for Labor Market Studies released a report in November 2011 showing that 18-to-34-year-old residents of Chicago without a diploma have more family and relationship struggles than those who graduate. Thirty percent of those with children were married among the non-graduated population, compared to 46 percent with a high school diploma. Civic and community involvement is also lower among non-graduates — 26 percent voted in 2010, compared to 40 percent of people with a diploma.

Life Choices – The Northeastern University report also showed that dropouts faced a much higher likelihood to land in jail than graduated peers. Males had an especially high incarceration rate of 15 percent compared to 2 percent of female non-graduates. The rate among young black males, at 28.8 percent, was also well above rates of other ethnic groups, including white males at 6.5 percent and Hispanic males at 6.6 percent. Lack of employment, income struggles and limited confidence are among factors contributing to higher rates of criminal activity among non-graduates.

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Free K-12 IEP (Individualized Education Plan) Support Services

All IEP support services are provided by state certified teaching professionals and/or state licensed practitioners or agencies. 

Does your child have an IEP or receive special education services? Are you sick and tired of the school not giving your child all the help they promised when you sat with them in all those meetings? Did hire a lawyer to sue the school/district, or has your attorney already won an educational settlement for your child?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, we can help!* RTQ Academy EFS provides advanced tutoring services that are specific to your child’s Individual Education Plan.  We also can help you advocate for your child’s academic rights, needs, entitlements, as outlined in the their IEP. 

If you concerns about your child’s school NOT honoring what’s in your child’s IEP or you are looking for a provider of academic support services, call us to schedule an intake appointment to review your child’s case. 

To schedule an appointment, you’ll need: ID, Copies of your child’s last two years of IEP and evaluation records, and the name & number of your child’s lawyer or educational advocate (if applicable).

*Your child MUST have an active IEP, and be a registered student in a public or charter school, or have already won an educational settlement. Results vary on a case by case basis. Not all cases will be accepted.

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Individual & Family Services

Family Engagement Services (YTC, CRRM, FGDM)

Court-Approved Anger Management (coming soon)

Mentoring (coming soon)

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